Innerfondle (Hong Kong) Biotechnology Co., Ltd., founded in 2017, relying on cutting-edge technology and professional formulation team, uphold solve health issues for women around the female face care, Breast management, body shaping three business . The beginning of creation, that received $ 20 million angel investment.

Brand Culture [Private Customization & Scientific Care & Enjoy Health]

(1)private customization, health care guidance

  Everyone is unique, each person's skin is also born differently, each person's physical state is different, and everyone's pursuit of beauty is also different. Changes in the environment, seasons, moods, and diets all have different effects on the body, so we must always feel the changes in skin care, breasts, and body. Our brand will provide health guidance according to the different needs of each person. Each person has a different care plan to achieve better results.

(2)Advocating the concept of scientific rational health care

  Now many girls are acquiring information from the network for their own health care knowledge, there has been no scientific system of professional learning. So we need to do is to build the company a set of basic health education curriculum, deliver and promote scientific concept of rational health care, so that all women know better how to make your skin younger, fuller breasts firm, slender body more perfect.

(3)Be your health management expert

   Every health instructor of Yue Rong Skin is licensed to work, and is proficient in dermatology, cosmetology, gynecology, health nutrition, cosmetics and other related disciplines. They offer free one on one consulting services, so that every woman can enjoy girlfriends like health supervisor

Innerfondle - Be your Health Management Expert