Let the world's best water to breathe your face

    On May 10, 2018, the most innovative skin care company Innerfondle brand Fiji's flower moisturizing series held a new product launch in Shenzhen. Innerfondle is the nation's most innovative skin care and body care women's health company selected by the skin care industry in 2017. Based on the concept of rooted in China's collection of the world, it has come to Fiji, the world's best water source, for international best quality water source procurement.

In the vibrant tropical environment, experience the world's purest water covering the whole face like silk, feel the deep moisturization and repair, and regain the beauty and vitality.

Meet the best water in the world

Fiji is the last pristine source of water on earth.A natural artesian aquifer from deep underground water sources in the virgin islands of Fiji, filtered through volcanic rock formations for thousands of years, retains the most important mineral, known as "geocentric water."Other underground water sources, "even springs," can be contaminated when they gush out of the surface, while Fiji water has never been exposed to any man-made processing and pollution, even the air of this century.

Fiji water has long been a favorite of celebrities and hipsters in Europe and the United States, and is even more popular with President barack Obama.The market has surpassed that of evian, not least because Fiji has had a thousand years of mineral water, and every drop is green.

With the concept of "root in China, collect the world", our company is always looking for the best formula and raw materials in the world.Yueyue skin-care home has set up a special moisturizing laboratory in Hong Kong and a special research room for hibiscus hibiscus, the core moisturizing ingredient of fei hua, dedicated to the study of optimal moisturizing.The second stop is Fiji, the best source of water in the world, which for the first time brings the world's recognized quality water to the face spray market.

Red hibiscus is the national flower of Fiji. It has a strong vitality and can produce 5000 flowers in 100 days.Even in the heat of Fiji, the hibiscus flowers bloom in water, bloom unlimited vitality, known as the Fiji queen moisturizing.

The essence of the Fiji hibiscus moisturizer collection is the red hibiscus of Fiji.The Hong Kong laboratory of the beauty salon believes that the purity of Fiji's good water, together with the moisturizing password of hibiscus, can endow more people with long-lasting moisturizing skin and radiate charm from inside out.

Using the exclusive technology, the Hong Kong laboratory of the art &beauty salon disperses the essential oil molecules of the flowers evenly in the spray.Fiveram spray nano nozzle, if you visit Fiji rainforest like water tender oxygen therapy.Taste with your heart, you can clearly feel the special taste of each water.Rain, wind, birds, running water, cloud swaying, leaves dancing...Fiji's tropical charm is condensed in each bottle of fiveram spray.

Feihua series products launch, custom-made exclusive listing

This is specially for the new product launch event to launch the exclusive custom-made pink version of feehwa spray, which will bring the best moisturizing spray in the world for the first time for over a million registered members of yueyang skin care, so that more people can know about Fiji and promote the economic trade between China and Fiji.

This grand gathering is not only the symbol of the highest international standards of materials selection for skin care homes, but also the beginning of the globalization of skin care homes, and also the communication of culture and beauty between China and Fiji.Yueyang skin care will not only spread the products of fijiana, but also provide long-term cultural experience gifts for fijiana customers, so that more people around the world can know about Fiji and fall in love with Fiji.

Now you don't have to travel long distances to get your skin hydrated with the cleanest water source in Fiji.Feihua moisturizing spray series, contains the positive energy of Fiji's inner water, right next to you.The mystery of skin deep moisturizing, follow the yueyang skin shefei flower to explore together!

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