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A warm greeting, a kind guide and thoughtful care are from the sincere treatment of Innerfondle health tutor, as well as the consummate pursuit of service by Innerfondle.

Every patient who wants to get rid of problems with skin can always feel the meticulous care from the moment they come into contact with the Innerfondle skin care tutor. After receiving the exclusive skincare guidance "one-on-one" from the skincare tutor, we can be more surprised to find that the skin-care house is the skin management expert around us.

Work hard and gain gratifying results

Creating and passing on beauty is the mission of the beauty house.

The idea of Innerfondle is to thoroughly solve skin problems for users and deliver scientific skin care.

In order to provide users with more considerate and professional service experience and the safe and effective product, eventually achieve the purpose of help customers to restore healthy skin beauty, Innerfondle in addition to the meticulous analysis in the product research and development, testing, etc, but also the question of strict training a team with high quality professional management team of skin, 24-hour online consulting in patients with problem skin.

Innerfondle attaches great importance to the cultivation and molding of the team itself, and strives to create a more professional team of skincare tutors by doing everything possible. The team not only offers various online and offline training courses, but also pays to send the team tutors to go out for further study, so as to constantly improve the service level and quality of the team.

Established, through the joint efforts of team, management team, Innerfondle problem skin through online social networking channels, and has been for more than 100000 patients with problem skin free consultation, provide one-on-one skin care guide, custom undertake recuperating exclusive skincare, region covering mainland China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Malaysia, Indonesia, Japan and other asia-pacific region, the cure rate is as high as 90% above.

(Innerfondle skin care tutor team)

Unceasingly develops, only transmits the more scientific skincare idea

However, the 100, 000 consultation sessions are just the beginning of the sincere service of the beauty house.

Helping customers to establish their own value system for skin care, to achieve scientific, rational and healthy skin care, is also the vision of yuelong skin care. Therefore, in addition to consulting services and product promotion, yuelong skin care to constantly adapt to the market and consumer demand, but also actively innovative ideas. In the online courses like litchi micro class and thousand chatting, etc., I built my own skin care school, which imparts knowledge of skin through online course live broadcast. Meanwhile, I also receive online consultation to answer questions, which is also supported by many customers and friends.

In addition, the skin tutor of yuelong skin care group also makes full use of their professional knowledge to shoot a series of skin care teaching video with their own style, and put it on video websites at home and abroad, such as tencent video, youku video, YouTube, etc., for free viewing, just to pass on the concept of scientific skin care to more people.

Next, we will continue to optimize and upgrade our internal service system. By the end of 2018, we will comprehensively upgrade the skin care system, create unique data files for each user, and provide lifelong consulting services, so that they can know about their skin at any time and anywhere, and truly realize the openness and transparency of information to users, so as to make skin care safer!

We believe that only by constantly improving our service level and quality and developing more skills can we bring beauty transformation to more female friends who love beauty.

(Founder Ms. RO and product development team)
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