The right steps for women on a daily basis
Every woman dreams of ever maintaining youthful skin, especially after the age of twenty-five. Buy an expensive cream, apply a mask, and try all sorts of ways to keep your skin from aging. But actually, the correct step that does not pay attention to protect skin, go to the face daub protects skin to taste to be not sure to be able to help you fight ageing really everyday, how is the correct step that protects skin everyday after all? Let's take a look at the details.

The right steps for daily skincare

A: clean face
Step1: moderate water temperature

The water temperature of the face is very key, too hot water, too cold water is opposite the skin, should reject those wrong idea! The correct method of washing a face, want to use lukewarm water namely. This can assure pore is opened adequately, such also won't let the moisture of the face lose.

Step2: moisten your face with warm water

The water temperature of your face is very important. Some people try to save trouble by washing their face directly with cold water. Some people think oneself is oily skin, want to use very hot water to be able to wash the oily dirt on the face. Actually these are all wrong views, the correct way is to use warm water. Can assure pore is opened adequately already so, won't make the natural moist oily cent of the skin again is lost beyond the mark.

Step3: clean face breast to want full rise foam

Before you apply it to your face, lather the cleanser thoroughly in your palm. Many people will forget this step, but this step is the most important. Because autumn face sometimes can attract a few dirt and so on thing easily. If the cleanser does not sufficiently foaming, the result will not be clean.

Step4: knead gently and pat

When washing a face, a lot of girls like to use energetically, just like that ability will dirt is cleared, actually such is not right. To remove dirt, gently clean the skin around the eyes. At the same time, the strength of other parts should not be too large. Besides, the strength of hand slapping and rubbing in the face should not be too large.

Step5: immediately replenish water after washing your face

The skin can feel apparent dryness and tightness after washing a face, need to add moisture to the skin immediately at this time, use make up water gently pat on the face, let the skin quality that lacks water gets moist and nourishing immediately, use again next face frost or face essence, tightly lock moisture, the correct method of these face wash ability can achieve protect skin result.

2. Exfoliation

Step1: wet your fingers with water first, but keep your face dry.

Step2: wipe the scrub cream lightly and spread it evenly with the brush or hand to cover the whole face.

Step3: draw a circular massage, draw a circular massage in a spiral way from the bottom to the top, massage each part for 5-10 times.

Step4: the skin is to change after exfoliating is transparent beautiful, but the reason that cutin layer is become thin, ultraviolet ray penetrates ability to skin subsequently also become strong, that is to say our skin resists ability to ultraviolet ray to become weak, must do well prevent bask in so in the period that exfoliate cutin, can illuminate badly otherwise melanin is composed.

Three: moisturize and moisturize

Drink lots of water

Drink enough water. Drink at least 8 glasses of water a day.

2. The application method of spray can make the skin dehydrated instead

Although mineral ions contained in mineral spring spray can calm sensitive skin and replenish water, it does not contain moisturizing ingredients that can lock water. Once the number of spraying increases, and there is no lotion lock water, the skin will be trapped in a vicious cycle of dryness and moisture, which will cause the skin to be short of water. Spray does not stay on the skin for more than a minute, the excess water should be absorbed with paper towel, and then immediately wipe on the moisturizing lotion.

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